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45 Lipscombe Rise
Alton, England, GU34 2HW
United Kingdom


Mrs B’s Bees is a family run business of bee keepers. We are bee keepers first and foremost and it is at the heart of what we do. We make beeswax products and honey from our own bees so that we can share our love with all.

The Story


It all started when…

two people met to share their passion for bees. This offered company for one and a ‘relaxing’ hobby for the other. However, neither could predict that this would become more than just that. A romance blossomed and Mr and Mrs B now want to share their passion and love for the countryside with you all.

Mr and Mrs B are the voice of the bees and they need your help...

There has been a worrying decline in pollinators and without them farmers lack an essential element required for growing crops. This not only affects us, it affects all. From something which may seem a small problem to most, there is a devastating knock on effect. Farmers need bees and bees need farmers.

By supporting Mrs B’s Bees, you enable the business to expand bee colonies and we can then help benefit other farmers. Mrs B’s Bees stands for being eco-friendly, sustainable and fair.

As a brand we want you to fall in love with nature the same way we did.

Side note: Mr B is now fully aware this is not a relaxing hobby.